Oumar Sagna from Senegal, West Africa grew up in the midst of African traditional music as it has always been a daily part of his people's life. Drumming, singing and dancing accompany celebrations, cultural and religious ceremonies, farming and community gatherings. He was raised by his grandmother in a small village at the border of Senegal and Guinea where he had mostly been influenced by the Guinea Malinke Culture popular for its Djembe drumming and dance. Cliquez ici pour voir les photos du village (Click here to see pictures of Oumar in his village.)

Oumar learned to play various instruments very early on. Being from the Joola tribe of Casamance, Oumar learned to play the main musical instruments of his village people : The Bolong ( a big log of tree carved in the middle and played on the rims with soft wood, the set of four big drums called Bougarabou and the set of three drums (Kotiro). He later on decided to persue Djembe drumming .

Since there was no junior high or High school in his village (DIATOCK), he had to go to nearby cities to continue school and eventually get a Bachelor's degree in French and English at the University of Dakar, along with a teaching degree at Ecole Normale Superieure teacher training college in Dakar Senegal in 1996. It is mainly in the Cities of Senegal that Oumar met most of the drumming groups and excellent drummers he worked with to sharpen mainly his Djembe Drumming techniques.

Oumar came to America in the fall of 1997 as part of an international teaching exchange program. First in Maine, he gained the eye of the media and made it to the front page of the main local papers, was heard on the radio and appeared on TV several times . He then came to Milwaukee in the fall of 1998 where he resided since then. Once in Milwaukee, he soon was discovered by Milwaukee Public Theatre and was among the cast of "Tales from The Nile," an African based tale play. He is still working with that company as an independent contractor . He provides services in schools and organizations as a percussionist, story teller and dancer.


Oumar does artist in residence programs and is a true ambassador of his culture. He is currently employed by Milwaukee Montessori School where he teaches French from grades K through 8th.

He is the founder and director of The Sindoolaa music band and dance company. (Click here for more professional information about Oumar Sagna.)

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